Jot Online Magazine

December-Issue 12

Page 29
'Pretty Maya' Layout

Page 129
'Little Santa Claus' Layout

September-Issue 11

Page 29
'Love Us' Layout

Page 31
'Hello' Layout

Page 85
'Smile' Layout

June-Issue 10

Page 31
'Travel' Layout

Page 85
'Seriously' Layout


Jot Online Magazine

December-Issue 8

Page 61
'Love This' Layout

Page 74
'Santa's Little Helper' Layout

Page 90
'This is Awesome' Layout

October-Issue 7

Page 71
'Us' Layout

Page 74 
'Love You' Layout

March-Issue 5

Page 49
'Oliver' Layout

Page 76
'Cherish' Layout

'Best Day' Layout

Page 126
'Summer Snapshots' Layout

Life.Paper.Scrapbook Online Magazine

March-Issue 5
Featured Designer Pages 45-48 (Numerous layouts published)

Australian Scrapbooking Memories Printed Magazine

Vol 17. No. 5
Commissioned 'Foxy Ladies' Layout and 'Happy Days' Card
'Nerd' Layout 

Vol 17. No. 3
'14 in 2014' Layout

Vol 17. No. 2

Vol 16. No. 12
'Remember' Layout

Vol 16. No. 11
'Things I Love About You' Canvas

Vol 16. No.10
'The Good Life' Layout

Vol.16 No.8
'Precious Memories' Layout

Vol. 16 No.7
'Adore' Layout


Australian Scrapbooking Memories - Printed Magazine

Vol. 16 No. 5
Christmas Masters challenge- 'Little Elf' Layout

Vol. 16 No. 4
Bo Bunny Masters Challenge- 'Surf's Up' Mini Album
'My Favourite' Layout
'Love You' Layout
'Life is Good' Layout

Vol. 16 No. 3
'My Cuppa' Layout

Vol. 16 No. 2

Pilot Pen Masters Challenge- 'Today' Layout
'My Wish For You' Layout

Vol. 16 No. 1
Maya Road Masters Challenge- 'Love You' Layout
'Strike A Pose' Layout

Vol. 15 No. 12

Darkroom Door Masters Challenge - Embellishment Storage
'Special Delivery' Layout

Vol.15 No.11

Graphic 45 Masters Challenge - 'Fearless' Layout

Vol. 15 No. 10

Kaisercraft Masters Challenge -'The Best Memories' and 'New Beginnings' Layouts

Vol. 15 No. 9
Jo Sonja's Masters Challenge - 'Let It Snow' Canvas
'So In Love' Layout

Vol. 15 No. 8

Stamp-It Masters Challenge - 'Fun' Layout
'Smile' Layout
'Play, Grow, Laugh' Layout

Vol. 15 No. 7
American Crafts Masters Challenge - 'Today and Tomorrow' Layout
American Crafts Masters Challenge - 'Hello 2 You' Card
'Uh Oh Spaghettio' Layout

Vol. 15 No. 6
Websters Pages Masters Challenge - 'Looking Fine' Layout
'A Little Birdie Told Me' Layout

Vol.15 No. 5
Stampin' Up Masters Challenge - 'So Sweet Baby' Layout


Vol. 15 No.4 Special Masters Edition
Masters Contest Winning Layout - 'A Boy's Story'
Masters Contest Winning Layout - 'Baby Boy' 
Masters Contest Winning Layout - 'Daddy's Girl'
Masters Contest Winning Project - 'Create' Canvas

Vol. 15 No. 3
'Invitation Only' Back to Basics Feature 'I Believe' x 2 Layouts
'Noel' Layout
'Perfect Moment' Layout
'My Son' Layout 

Vol. 15 No. 2
'One Week' Double Layout 

Vol. 15 No. 1
'Boys Don't Cry' Layout

Vol. 14 No. 11
'Little Man' Layout

Vol. 14 No. 10 
'Me' Layout
'Good Old Days'

Vol. 14 No. 9
'Forever Love' Layout
'Grow Baby Boy' Layout
Invitation Only 'Easy As 123' Layout and Card Challenge- 'Sun, Sand,Waves' Layout and 'Free Spirit' Card

Vol. 14 No. 8
'You are the Sweetest Thing' Layout

Vol. 14 No. 7
'Then and Now' Layout

Vol. 14 No. 6 
'Learning to Crawl' Layout

Vol. 14 No. 4
'In The Mouth' Layout


Masters Special Edition
*Honourable Mention* 'Carefree' Layout

Vol. 14 No. 1
'Happiness' Layout
Invitation Only GCD Product Showcase Challenge- 'Clowns' Layout and 'Happy Birthday' Card 

Vol. 13 No. 12
'Come Out and Play' Layout

Vol. 13 No. 3
'This Boy Got Attitude' Layout


Masters Special Edition

*Honourable Mention* 'Wish You Were Here' Double Layout

Vol. 12 No. 7
'Driving In My Car' Layout

Vol. 12 No. 6
'Chilly' Layout

Vol. 12 No. 4

'Messy Little Artist' Layout
'I Never Knew How Much....' Layout

Vol. 12 No. 3
'Can We Fix It?' Layout

Scrap N Art Online Magazine 

March/April 2010
'Little Peter Rabbit' Double Layout


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