Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some exciting news, Scrap N Art, a US online magazine accepted one of my double layouts to be published and I just received my free subscription and what do you know, there was my layout!!!! So excited!!! 2010 has certainly been the year for me with my scrapping. So many opportunities have come forth for me this year and I never thought that I would ever be 'that good'. I know I shouldn't doubt myself but we are our own worse critics and me I'm terrible to myself!!!  Coming up in the next issue of Scrapbooking Memories, Vol 12 No. 3, I have my first layout to be accepted being published!!! Look out for me and come and tell me what you think of it. I personally (Oh and my Mum hehe) don't think it's one of my best layouts but it was what they were after I suppose. See here I go again critising myself!! That often happens though, something you don't think is a great piece, the magazines snap up straight away!!! In Vol 12, No. 4 ,I actually have 2 layouts that will be in there, I am on a roll at the moment. So stoked!!!!

Thanks for reading and stopping by........take care


Taryn said...

Hey HUGE congrats, Tarrah, and i agree, you shouldn't doubt yourself, you really do fabulous work!!! Hey we have something in common - my first ever LO in the same issue as you (i'll believe it when I see it) LOL. I left you a little surprise on my blog xx

Kim said...

woohoo Cant wait to
see all your fabulous work in print CONGRATS!!!!

Clare said...

Congratulations Tarrah!!! your work is beautiful & i know what you mean about self-criticism!! just had another of my cards published & i didn't think it was one of my best! other's obviously disagree eh. Well done honey. Hugs Clare xxx

DebiJ said...

Wow wonderful! Congrats...& I will surely look out for your work!


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